A carbon filter for water dispensers.


Good for the Earth.

Good for your Wallet.

Great Tasting Drinking Water.

Convenient. Affordable.

One Less Errand to Run

No more carrying heavy water jugs to and from the store.

No more paying for water delivery.

No more irresponsible and problematic water bottle waste.

No more refilling a pitcher every 10 cups.

No more replacing filters every 40 gallons.

Just fill, press, place, and enjoy.


The Blue Bottle Filter averages only $0.10 per gallon* of delicious drinking water when you buy a 2-pack at list price. If we’re having a sale it’s even! Keep your change for a rainy day.


With the ability to fill your water jug at home at the tap, you’ll have one less errand to run. With 5-gallons per refill and 120 gallons between filter changes it gives you time to put your feet up.


The Blue Bottle Filter has a biodegradable Earth Cap, renewable coconut carbon filter, and reduced plastic use overall. One Blue Bottle Filter keeps as many as 912 single-use water bottles out of our landfills and oceans.

Easier. Cheaper. Less waste. What else can you ask for?

Step 1: Fill the Blue Water Bottle for Your Dispenser

Fill your standard (55mm neck) blue water bottle at your home in the sink or any other water faucet.

We recommend using a 5-gallon water bottle to have more time between refills, but a 2 or 3-gallon water bottle works just as well. 

Step 2: Press the Water Filter in Place

The Blue Bottle Filter filter fits on blue 5, gallon, 3 gallon, or 2 gallon water bottles as a regular no-spill cap.

Slide the carbon stem of the filter carefully into the neck of your water bottle and press the cap firmly in place.

Note that the Blue Bottle Filter is made for the standard 55mm neck, and to prevent possible leakage, you will need a water bottle designed for use with press-on caps rather than screw-on caps. 

Step 3: Place on Your Top-load Water Dispenser

The Blue Bottle Filter works with any top-load water dispenser. This includes those that have a stem for no-spill caps, which the Blue Bottle Filter has! 

Just place your 5-gallon water jug with the Blue Bottle Filter firmly in place onto you water dispenser. 

Step 4: Enjoy!

The Blue Bottle Filter and your water dispenser will take it from here!

If you’re using a brand new filter, it will take a few minutes for your filter to start producing. Once you see bubbles coming from the top of your filter you’ll know it’s working properly. 

It doesn't get much easier.

How the Blue Bottle Filter Compares to…

Water Bottles

Water Bottles:

  • About $1.32 per gallon of drinking water
  • Produce enormous amounts of problematic waste. 

Blue Bottle Filters:

  • Average $0.15 per gallon of drinking water when you buy a 2-pack at regular price.
  • A 2 pack replaces the waste of 1,824 water bottles.

Less money, less waste.

Pitcher Filters

Water Filter Pitchers:

  • Filter only an average of 40 gallons before the filter has to be replaced
  • The largest resevoir, according to Reviews and Guides, holds only 18 cups of drinking water. 

Blue Bottle Filters:

  • Average 120 gallons before needing replaced
  • The reservoir, a 5-gallon water jug , holds 80 cups of drinking water.

Less replacements, less refilling.

Drinking water for only $0.10/gallon.*