Water filter for 5-gallon water jugs

Blue Bottle Filter

Delicious drinking water for your home or office. 

Water filter for 5-gallon water jugs

Blue Bottle Filter

Delicious drinking water for your home or office. 

The Blue Bottle Filter can filter 120 gallons of water. That’s 44 blue 5-gallon jugs of water, or the equivalent of 912 single use (16.9 ounce) water bottles! 

We recommend using the same filter for no longer than 6 months or up to 120 gallons, whichever is first. If you drink 20 gallons of water per month, you’ll be right on schedule.

To refill your water jug, you’ll need to: 

  • Remove the Blue Bottle Filter. To do this, pull it off like you would any other push on cap. If you still have the protective sleeve on the cap, remove it before removing the cap from the bottle. 
  • Set it aside (somewhere clean!), and fill your blue water jug with tap water or other regularly tested potable water source. Pull-out faucets, water hoses, and even bathtubs work great. 
  • Push the cap, complete with filter, back into place. 
  • Enjoy immensely.

The Blue Bottle Filter is designed only for use with municipally treated tap water or regularly tested potable water sources. Do not use with well water or with water sources, such as river or streams, which may be unsafe to drink due to volatile organic compounds or other contaminants.

Only fill your water bottle with cold water when using a Blue Bottle Filter. Contact with hot water (100°F or more) may cause your filter to be less effective. If your water dispenser provides hot water, that is fine. Your dispenser will heat the water AFTER it has passed through the filter so no damage will be caused.

Once you receive your filter, follow this simple process: 

  • Wash your hands
  • Remove the filter from the packaging
  • Run water through the filter for 45 seconds
  • Fill your water jug from a municipally treated tap water or regularly tested potable water source.
  • Press the filter and cap into place on top of your filled water jug.
  • Place your water jug on your top-load water dispenser
  • Enjoy immensely

You should rinse the cap of your Blue Bottle Filter at least every other time you refill your blue water bottle. Tap water contains chlorine, to kill any bacteria, so with regular use your filter should not have any issues. 


Do not leave your filter in place with the jug empty for any extended period of time. Doing so may risk bacteria growth, particularly in warmer environments. If you do notice bacteria growth on your filter, stop using immediately and replace your filter.

If your filter hasn’t been used for several days and has dried properly, run water through the filter for 30 seconds.

We offer a free replacement for the first 14 days after purchase in the event of defects in materials or workmanship of the Blue Bottle Filter. Contact Customer Support for details. 

Following that period, we offer 14 days conditional replacement. 

Essentially, if you throw the filter around and break it, we believe that was your choice. If it breaks because of something we did, we’re happy to replace it (and probably will slip in a coupon for your next filter as well to say sorry).

You may have noticed that the Blue Bottle Filter doesn’t have a plastic case. This is to reduce waste and harm to our environment, save you money, and to allow for unrestricted water flow. So while breaks or cracks are irregular, they may occur. Be sure to regularly visually inspect your filter (though if there is a crack, you will probably taste it right away!). 

If you do have a break or crack in your filter and are still under warranty, contact our Customer Support and we’ll work to resolve the issue right away.

Here, on this very website, is the only place you can buy a Blue Bottle Filter.

We decided to do it this way to help us keep your costs down by avoiding paying large corporations’ selling fees and not having to pay additional fees for warehousing and/or shipping.

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