The Blue Bottle Filter, a Water Filter for Water Dispensers


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Drinking Water Made Affordable, Easy, Environmentally Friendly, and Delicious

No more expensive water subscriptions. No more trips to the water shop. Just fill up your 5-gallon water bottle at the tap, put the Blue Bottle Filter on just like a cap, and let it turn that tart tap water into clean, delicious drinking water for only $0.13 per gallon. The Blue Bottle Filter is designed to work with any top-loading water dispenser to remove chlorine, chloramine, and other bad-tasting contaminants from your tap water to give you great-tasting drinking water in the most convenient way.

Affordable Water Filter

With the Blue Bottle Filter you'll pay only $0.67 for every 5 gallons of filtered water. Compare that to $1.25 (plus fuel) to fill your 5-gallon water bottle at the nearest water shop, $3.25 to have 5 gallons of water delivered (plus fees!), or $0.85 and the time you have to wait for the leading water pitchers to filter 5 gallons. Let's not even talk about how much water bottles cost.

Easiest Way to Filter 5-Gallons

Really, it couldn't be any easier. Fill up your 5-gallon water bottle, press the filter on just like a cap, and set your bottle back on your top-load water dispenser. No new bottle needed, no new dispenser needed. Just fill, press, and drink.

Reducing Waste

We believe that it's everyone's job to look after our planet, and we want to do our part. By making great tasting, purified water more convenient, it will help reduce waste from one-time-use water bottles. We also designed our filter to use minimal plastic, a sustainable source of carbon, and a special biodegradable plastic for our caps. Here's to health, yours and the earth's!

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