Faucet Filters Compared to Blue Bottle Filters

The sink filter seems hard to beat at first glance; high capacity filters that provide quality water on demand to users with just the twist of a wrist. They can be quite nice looking as well with many versions available in chrome or brushed nickel to match your existing faucet. A closer look, however, reveals 4 quick reasons the Blue Bottle Filter is a better solution than a faucet filter.

1. Not all Faucets and Faucet Filters Work Together

Not all faucets are supported by faucet filters – meaning not all faucets can have a sink filter installed. In fact, only traditional faucet designs are supported. Suppose your faucet is one of the pull-down sprayer types, you’re out of luck. A fancy rectangular one, stylishly out of luck. A square one, an oval one, a “nope” and a “nada”! You get the point.

The Blue Bottle Filter works with all top-load water dispensers that utilize the standard blue water jugs. Just press on the cap and you’re ready to go.

2. Faucet Filters are Another Thing to Clean

Let’s suppose your faucet was supported. It is day two and you walk into the kitchen and notice all that nice chrome is right in the splash zone! Every day sink use like doing dishes turns your faucet filter into another thing to scrub. Not to mention the nozzle faces down so every questionable cup of milk and vengeful garbage disposal burp has a nice new home.

With the Blue Bottle Filter you don’t have to worry about hard water drops or spoiled splashes. The filter sits inside your water jug, protected from everything outside as it bubbles away, making you glass after glass of refreshing drinking water hassle-free.

3. Faucet Filters have Limited Temperature Control

Running hot water through a filter will reduce its lifespan. This limits faucet filters to dispensing cool or room temperature water only. By comparison, many affordable water dispenser models have hot and cold nozzles that give you instant access to pre-filtered water temperatures far outside the normal range of faucet water. Whether you are just looking for a cool refreshing drink or hot cup of tea, the Blue Bottle Filter works perfectly with your dispenser for either. Put faucet filtered water into a tea cup and you’ll be taking a trip by the microwave before grabbing the crumpets and heading to the couch for your favorite BBC show.

The Blue Bottle Filter works with water dispensers that can give you piping-hot or frosty-cold water on demand.

4. The Blue Bottle Filter has a Faster Flow Rate

Although the sink filters filtration rate is much higher than a Blue Bottle Filter, the dispense rate is slower. Faucet filters process water on demand so their flow rate is limited by their size and desired effectiveness. Most water dispensers have at least a 1.5 liter reservoir, so you will have ready access to plenty of clean, free flowing water. You could put a book of quotes by the faucet to keep you occupied while you’re filling up the coffee pot, OR you could just fill that thing and move on to the good part of your day with the Blue Bottle filter. To get technical for just a minute, one of activated carbon’s main filtration methods is adsorption, which is a chemical process that needs time. So, no need to rush the filtration process from where I’m drinking!

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