Blue Bottle Filter (Two Pack)

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Water Filter for 5-Gallon Water Bottles

The Blue Bottle Filter (Double) is a two-pack of the uniquely designed water filters for standard (55mm neck) 5-gallon water bottles. To use, just rinse the filter, fill your 2, 3, or 5 gallon water jug with tap water, press the filter assembly on like a normal cap, and then load your 5-gallon water bottle onto any top-load water dispenser.

Each individual carbon filter is capable of filtering 120* gallons of water.

Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer our product for sale in Iowa.



By attaching the Blue Bottle Filter directly to your water bottle, you not only get great-tasting water, you get it without the hassle of refilling a pitcher filter every few cups or lugging heavy water jugs around town. Made to fit the standard (55mm neck) 2/3/5-gallon blue water bottles, the Blue Bottle Filter can work with the common top-load dispenser, giving you added convenience and low initial costs. It’s a simple, cost-effective, low-waste solution to drinking water at your home or small office.

How Do I Use this Water Filter for 5-Gallon Water Bottles?

Step 1: Remove your filter from packaging and rinse (For additional info see How do I Prepare my Filter for its First Use)
Step 2: Fill your blue 2/3/5 gallon water bottle with water from your sink, water hose, or even your bathtub
Step 3: Press the filter and connected cap onto your water bottle
Step 4: Place the water bottle, complete with cap, on your top-load water dispenser
Step 5: Enjoy your next 5 gallons of great tasting drinking water with no more waste and no more hassle

Is this Water Bottle Filter Really Cost Effective?

Let’s have a look at the numbers. It’s about $3.25 to have 5-gallons of water delivered to your home, plus fees. Leading-brand water filter pitchers cost about $0.85 to filter 5 gallons, plus the time spent on constant refilling and waiting. Taking your blue water bottles to the nearest shop costs $1.25 for 5 gallons, a car trip, and a possible backache. A single Blue Bottle Filter can filter 120* gallons of water, giving you 5 gallons of filtered drinking water for less than $0.63.

Tell Me More about this Water Filter for Blue Water Bottles

Visit our How it Works page to learn more about the Blue Bottle Filter.

Use the following links to learn more about how the Blue Bottle Filter compares to other drinking water solutions:

3 reviews for Blue Bottle Filter (Two Pack)

  1. Barry

    Purchased about a month ago. I absolutely live these filters. A must buy!!!

  2. adam

    Started with a single pack – got addicted and came back for the double. It’s just too easy and tastes great.

  3. Hoang Tran (verified owner)

    I am completely satisfied with this blue-bottle filter. It is in fact the only remaining snap-on filter on the market for all existing 2, 3, and 5 gallons jug with 55 mm mouth. I hope this filter will not disappear from existence like so many others

    The website does not say it, but their filter is carbon-block style. This means that it they can produce water that is free of particulates, chlorine, microscopic organism cysts, harmful heavy metals (lead, chromium, mercury, etc) , volatile organic chemicals, and other contaminants like asbestos. It’s also passively anti-microbial due to its extremely small pores, which is very hard for bacteria to squeeze through and live inside the filter (bacteria can still breed inside the filter but it takes them between 6-12 months to get inside, so it’s best to replace after 6 months but absolute max is no more than 12 months).

    I did some test using the filter and it indeed passed most important tests. Beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium and still pass through which is good. Water completely devoid of TDS like pure reverse-osmosis-ed water and other filters like ZERO-WATER brand filter is extremely harmful for your body in the long run. Water always seeks for equilibrium between its TDS and its environment’s TDS. If the environment’s TDS is higher than the water’s TDS, it will try to take some from the environment to establish equilibrium. What does it mean when this water enters your body? The answer: it will try to leach whatever minerals your body has like calcium in your bones, sodium from your blood, and other minerals from your food in order to equalize. As the result, your body will be robbed of its essential minerals by the leaching water which will cause bones weakening and minerals deficiency after you’ve drunk that stuff like ZERO-WATER brand for years.

    TLDR: 10/10. Blue-bottle filter blocks ALOT of the bad stuffs while still lets the good stuff through. It does not change TDS much, but my lab tests shown harmful stuffs has been removed from water by the filter. Please remember, TDS is not a professional measurement for water quality. Drinking water with zero TDS will forcefully leach minerals from from your body, especially from your bones. Always drink water with TDS 100-200 but with NO harmful contaminants.

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