Blue Bottle Filter (Single)


Water Filter for Water Dispensers

Blue Bottle Filter (Single) is a unique water filter for water dispensers. It is for use with standard (55mm neck) blue 5-gallon and 2-gallon water bottles, and by serving as the cap for the water bottle allows it to work with any top-load water dispenser.

A single filter is capable of giving your home or small office 120* gallons of filtered drinking water.

Unfortunately we are not currently able to offer our product for sale in Iowa or California.

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The Blue Bottle Filter’s design allows it to work with top-load water dispensers to remove bad-tasting contaminants. It can be used with any standard (55mm neck) top-loading water dispenser, allowing you to fill you water jug at the tap and enjoy filtered drinking water until it’s empty. It is the perfect solution for your home or small office.

How Do I Use this Water Filter with My Top-load Water Dispenser?

Step 1: Remove your filter from packaging and rinse (For additional info see How do I Prepare my Filter for its First Use)
Step 2: Fill your blue 2/3/5 gallon water bottle with water from your sink, water hose, or even your bathtub
Step 3: Press the filter and connected cap onto your water bottle
Step 4: Place the water bottle, complete with cap, on your top-load water dispenser
Step 5: Enjoy your next 5 gallons of great tasting drinking water with no more waste and no more hassle

A single Blue Water Filter can filter 120 gallons* of water.

About this Unique Water Filter for Water Dispensers

Municipal water supplies often deliver what has been deemed potable water, or drinkable water, directly to our homes. So why don’t we all just drink that? Well, most often it tastes terrible. Amongst other things, it contains bad-tasting chlorine and chloramine. So rather than grimacing at the taste of tap water, contributing to the massive problem of plastic water bottle waste, or fussing over refilling a filtered water pitcher, a new solution was created.

Learn more about How the Blue Bottle Filter Works.


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