Water Filter Pitchers Compared to Blue Bottle Filters

Water filter pitchers are a popular solution to better tasting drinking water at home, and for good reason. They’re relatively convenient and inexpensive. They do a pretty good job removing the pesky taste and odor of chlorine as well. As a matter of fact, we agree with much of what Soft Water Labs has to say about water filter pitchers in their Reviews and Guide 2016, but we stop short when it comes to saying that they’re “a must have item if you don’t have another water filtration system installed.”

In their defense, the American designed and manufactured Blue Bottle Filter had not been released yet.

Now that it has, you don’t have to have a water filter pitcher if you don’t have a water filtration system. There’s another (better) option.

How a Blue Bottle Filter Compares to Leading Brand Water Filter Pitchers.

Leading Water Filter Pitchers

Blue Bottle Filter


Point Awarded To

Number of Gallons Filter is Recommended for 40
Average filter lifespan for water filter pitcher
120* Blue Bottle Filter has a 300% longer lifespan Blue Bottle Filter
Calculated Cost per Gallon of Filtered Water $0.17 per gallon
based on the cost of a single replacement filter on Amazon.com for the “most affordable water filter pitcher” according to a Develop Good Habits 2016 review.
$0.13 per gallon
based on the recommended 120 gallon lifespan
The Blue Bottle Filter is 24% cheaper per gallon Blue Bottle Filter
Number of Cups between Refills (Reservoir Capacity) 18
Largest capacity, according to Reviews and Guide 2016
80 Blue Bottle Filter is 344% larger Blue Bottle Filter
Removes Bad Tasting Contaminants Yes Yes Same Both
Takes Up Valuable Fridge Space Yes No Blue Botte Filter works with any top-load water dispenser Blue Bottle Filter
TOTAL POINTS Blue Bottle Filter 5
Water Filter Pitchers 1

Because of its larger capacity, longer lifespan, and lower cost-per-filtered gallon, the Blue Bottle Filter is a clear winner over water filter pitchers.

Buy a Single Pack

On SALE for $15.99

A water filter to use with a water dispenser

Save with a Double Pack

On SALE for $27.99

The Blue Bottle Filter is a water filter for 5 gallon water bottles

Other Considerations When Comparing Water Filter Pitchers to the Blue Bottle Filter.

Is a Water Filter Pitcher Easier to Clean than a Blue Bottle Filter?

The more pieces involved, the more there is to clean.

Water filter pitchers, by design, have two areas for holding water – meaning you have 2 areas to clean. Those areas aren’t usually flat and easy to clean either. They’re full of corners that just love to hang on to any residue they can to keep your water filter pitcher dirty. Additionally, one of those areas requires you to remove the filter in order to get into some of those hard to reach corners.

Some leading water filter pitchers even have hollow handles that fill up with water, which is a great feature for them to increase their still small capacity, but can be a headache to clean. Then there’s the flap that covers the spout of your pitcher, along with its tiny hinge.

That’s a lot of pieces.

And the Blue Bottle Filter? A cap, a blue water jug, and a water dispenser, and the dispenser only needs cleaned every 6 to 12 months, according to Drink More Water.

Which Drinking Water Filter has Less Environmental Impact?

The average filter on a water filter pitcher is recommended for 40 gallons, or 2 months. Then off it goes into the trash. Yes, some water filter pitcher makers have taken the good-hearted step of cooperating with a specialized recycling team. But, as the filter cannot just go into the recycling bin as is, we all know that, unfortunately, most will still end up in the landfill.

That means, for every one Blue Bottle Filter that you may throw away, you would throw away 3 water pitcher filters. (Remember the Blue Bottle Filter is recommended for 120* gallons!) From the get-go, a water filter pitcher produces roughly 3 times as much waste. Because the Blue Bottle Filter is designed without the need for a plastic housing though, it looks like it may actually be more. Did we mention that our cap is made of biodegradable plastic as well? Because we believe in being kind to others, we won’t give you an exact statistic on how much less waste using Blue Bottle Filters will produce compared to water filter pitchers over 120 gallons… or a year… or 5 years… or however long it is that you plan on drinking water.